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About Our Freesat Boxes

Yes you do as that is how it receives it's signal. If you do not have a satellite dish you can purchase one from us or if you are in a block of apartments we would recommend getting an android box which just runs via your internet connection and has a lot of great features similar to the freesat box.
Yes you can! You just need to change over the sky box to our freesat box
No you will need another freesat box for a seperate room. Again this is just a one off fee and no monthly bills so that is important to remember :).
As freesat is the UK version it uses UK postcodes for different variations. Feel free to use any postcode from northern Ireland and it will get you setup.
Yes they have a guide for 7 days in advance on them.
Yes our humax boxes can access 4OD and other on demand services!
Yes you can record on our humax freesat boxes which have various sizes of hard drives. The bigger the hard drive the more hours of programming it can hold!
Yes but you may need to replace your LNB to one of these.